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Stefan advises and appears for corporations, government agencies and individuals in complex commercial disputes.  He is recognised in Best Lawyers Australia 2025 for his expertise in Commercial Law.  He has a particular interest in contracts, property law, taxation, regulatory disputes, corporations law and intellectual property.

Contractual, property and regulatory disputes: clients include Ford Motor Company, Lendlease, Optus, Westpac, Qantas, the ACCC and the Australian Energy Regulator.  He also acts for medium size businesses and property developers in a broad range of disputes.

Taxation: Stefan is regularly briefed by the Chief Commissioner of State Revenue and taxpayers.  He has appeared in leading cases about stamp duty, payroll tax and land tax.  Recent matters include appearances in the NSW Supreme Court and Court of Appeal about whether the purchase of power stations should attract stamp duty, whether medical centres’ payments to doctors should be subject to payroll tax, and the extent of the employment agency and relevant contracts provisions.

Corporations law: Stefan has been awarded an Advanced Certificate in Insolvency from ARITA and is a professional member of ARITA.  He appears for liquidators and corporations.  Stefan has experience in oppression proceedings, matters alleging breach of directors’ duties and proceedings seeking the recovery of unfair preferences and uncommercial transactions.

Intellectual property: clients include Universal Music, Phonographic Performance Company of Australia and Sony.  Stefan has acted in substantial trade mark and copyright disputes in the Federal Court and Copyright Tribunal.

Stefan Balafoutis SC