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Tenth Floor Wentworth Chambers was established in July 1957. Tenth floor Selborne Chambers was established in October 1963. Tenth floor Wentworth Chambers and Tenth floor Selborne Chambers merged in July 1992 to form Tenth Floor Chambers.

Sixteen of the foundation members of chambers were appointed to prominent judicial, political or executive office. Notably the foundation members of Tenth floor Wentworth Chambers included Gough Whitlam AC, who became Prime Minister of Australia in December 1972 and remained in that office until November 1975 and Sir John Kerr, who was Governor-General of Australia from 1974 to 1977.

Other foundation members who were appointed to office include:

  • Justice Charles Bannon (Land and Environment Court of New South Wales);
  • Justice Nigel Bowen AC KBE (Supreme Court of New South Wales, the first Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia, Federal Minister for Education & Science and Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs);
  • Sir Maurice Byers (Commonwealth Solicitor General from 1973 to 1983);
  • Justice Henry Cantor (Supreme Court of New South Wales)
  • Justice Robert Ellicott (Commonwealth Solicitor General, Commonwealth Attorney General, Federal Court of Australia);
  • Justice Russell Fox (Federal Court of Australia);
  • Justice Trevor Morling (Federal Court of Australia);
  • Justice James Staunton CBE (Chief Judge of the District Court);
  • Justice Halden Wootten (Supreme Court of New South Wales)

Judicial Appointments

Many other former members of Tenth Floor Chambers have been appointed to judicial office.

Members of Tenth Floor Chambers appointed to the Court of Appeal of New South Wales include:

  • Justice Keith Mason AC QC
  • Justice Kenneth Handley AO QC and
  • Justice John Bryson

Members of Tenth Floor Chambers appointed to the Supreme Court of New South Wales include:

  • Mr Justice Michael Grove RFD;
  • Justice Clifford Einstein;
  • Justice George Palmer;
  • Justice Peter Hall; and
  • Justice Rowan Darke

Appointments to the Federal Court of Australia have included:
  • Justice Bryan Beaumont AO;
  • Justice Brian Tamberlin;
  • Justice Antony Whitlam; and
  • Justice Roger Gyles AO

There have in addition been appointments to the bench of the District Court of New South Wales, the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales, the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.


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